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Integrative Therapy

Individual Sessions £50 (£45 NHS), Couples sessions £70 (£63 NHS)

Deep Resolutions
If someone breaks an arm we don't focus on the hand that can no longer pick things up, we deal with the break in the arm. In the same way I work to get to the root cause of your upset.

Root causes are often mired by the variety of coping mechanisms. Using the broken-bone analogy, my sessions work like detailed scans, gently looking 'under the skin' to discover where things got broken. We then begin working through these, identifying connections to present life and how to heal them. Rebuilding foundations from the bottom up.

The result? A solid, better-than-ever foundation to help support you for the rest of your life - empowering the positives and removing the negatives. We never forget getting hurt but we don't have to carry that hurt like a heavy suitcase. Life is short. So much nicer when able to enjoy it.

Happy to work with couples, regardless of gender. Due to the added complexity of such sessions, these are only offered face to face and it is vital both parties want to be there.

First Therapy?
Am one of those people nobody is scared of; as clients, students and even my children have told me. Am someone infants, even in prams, start smiling and waving to as I write in cafes - including while writing this.
From the very first session, you can feel free to relax, breathe and start getting things off your chest.

The door is never closed. You are always welcome to come back for a 'top up', if needed. One example is a client who got back in touch when expecting their first child. One session was all it took.

10% discount for NHS staff
face to face and online, 50 minutes: £50 (£45 NHS)
Couples, face to face, 60-minutes: £70 (£63 NHS - one or both clients)
Introductory chats, 20-minute: £free (pre-booked)

To Book

Please message in the first instance. Am unable to answer the phone during a session.
SMS, Whatsapp: 07547 329327

You can also find me on the BACP, Counselling Directory, NCPS and Happiful websites.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative therapy employs a broad ranges of techniques. As a client you don't need to know them but, if interested, a number are listed below.